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Worried About Break-ins, Looting And Theft?

Our Unique Wireless Alarm System Quickly Defends Your Business and Personal Property From Intruders!


Only PEPPERALARM™* With CLEAR VAPOR IRRITANT Can Stop Thieves From Stealing IMMEDIATELY  when you’re not around!

*by ROBBERSTOPPER International Inc.


PEPPERALARM™ is simply the best do-it-yourself wireless alarm system on the market today. 










No Contract To Sign


No Monitoring Fees



FACT: According to the FBI, the average smash and grab robbery can take less than 40 seconds and thieves are usually long gone before the local police or security can possibly respond.

FACT: Burglar alarm and camera systems by themselves do NOT stop thieves from stealing.

The gun store in this video surveillance footage had a monitored silent alarm and  camera system, but the thief was still able to get in and steal many hand guns and ammo in a very short period of time .  .  .

and he was long gone before the police were able to respond.

The elaborate security alarm system was activated and all was recorded on camera, yet the thief still got away with the bagged merchandise.

However a new and unique alternative,

 PEPPERALARM™ provides   



When this  unique wireless alarm device is motion activated by an intruder the strobe lights will flash, a high decibel siren will sound and then . . .

immediately a blast of a potent yet non-lethal clear VAPOR IRRITANT is automatically released into the air of the protected area physically forcing the would-be thief to flee the area EMPTY HANDED.

A single blast of the powerful irritant will cover up to 1000 sq. ft. in less than 5 seconds, making it next to impossible for anyone to steal anything and cough uncontrollably at the same time.


The powerful completely CLEAR VAPOR IRRITANT differs from regular pepper spray as it is specifically formulated and recommended for interior applications



PEPPERALARM™ can be used as: 

AN UPGRADE TO EXISTING ALARM SYSTEMS. Simply place the dispenser device alongside your existing alarm system and together they will provide IMMEDIATE PROTECTION. 

AN INDEPENDENT STAND-ALONE WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEM. It is easily installed in less than 15 minutes. It is quickly armed and disarmed with a pre-programmed key fob (3 are supplied for designated key holders).

Either way this wireless alarm device stops thieves from stealing immediately.

A Panic mode feature is also built in and is activated by the key fob.

This compact, affordable and user friendly loss prevention alternative is worthy to be considered to keep all your materials, valuables, possessions and tools safe!

For detailed information on the technical aspects of the device and how and where to use please click the Product Info tab above.

No mess

Clear Irritant Vapor used


No Cleanup

with use in unobstructed indoor space

easy replacement

new canister easily pops in

PEPPERALARM™ is more than just an alarm system – it’s a real ROBBER STOPPER!

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The above price includes two canisters of The Guardian CLEAR VAPOR Irritant ($40.00 value)


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What Are You Waiting For?

Most people will buy an alarm system after they become a break and enter or smash and grab victim.

 If you are concerned about security and keeping your assets safe  we offer you PEPPERALARM™      –       Order today.