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About Us


ROBBERSTOPPER International Inc. was established in 2007 as a provider of a unique security alarm system that used artificial smoke (fog) to protect homes or small businesses.

This type of alarm system is now replaced with our patent pending vapor irritant spray alarm device. It is a compact unit that provides immediate and effective results against attempts at smash and grab theft.

We named our unique easy-do-it-yourself wireless alarm system PEPPERALARM™ because that’s exactly what it is . . . a wireless alarm system that emits a non-lethal irritant upon activation.

PEPPERALARM™ was designed and engineered in the USA and for cost control purposes this unique product is made under our license in China. Quality control is completed in the USA with shipping from our warehouse in North Dakota.


This unique wireless alarm – not your typical alarm – is like having an armed guard defending your inventory,  tools, and valuables when you’re not around. 

PEPPERALARM™ is more than just an alarm system

it’s a real ROBBER STOPPER!

“My valued possessions are now completely safe and secure.” CHARLIE, Las Vegas

“I installed my PEPPERALARM device in about 15 minutes.” SARA, Austin TX

“I wish that I had known about it BEFORE I was broken into.” BEN, Salt Lake City

“I really like the neat concept and I want to become a dealer.” TERRY, Tulsa, OK

“What a fantastic product.” SUSAN, St. Louis, MO

“I can think of a number of places that the PEPPERALARM device could be used effectively.” JEEP GUNNER – SEE the SHOT SHOW video 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

Most people will buy an alarm system for their home or office after they become a break and enter or smash and grab theft victim. If you are concerned about your safety and security, you owe it to yourself to order a PepperAlarm now.