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Drive Thieves Out Empty Handed

Burglar alarms and camera systems DON’T STOP thieves but a


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If You Think Security Cameras and A Monitored Alarm System Will Protect Your Home And Business From Break-Ins and Theft…

Think Again…

Here is the reality. The smash and grab robbery you see above and recorded on CCTV took the thief less than 42 seconds to steal thousands of dollars worth of handguns and ammunition. Unfortunately, the store owner ended up closing his shop after this robbery as he was no longer able to get insurance.

Turn the tables on the bad guys by blessing them with the hot sauce and drive them out of your home, business, cottage, shop or anywhere you have valuables stored.

Watch Carefully

See for yourself how the PEPPERALARM with a clear, non-staining irritant rated at over 350 000 Scoville units drive these thieves out of the store empty-handed.

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Thieves Driven Off In 17 Seconds

As you watch this video, notice how the first thief triggers the alarm, dispensing the clear vapor irritant. You can see the spray at the seven-second mark.

At the ten-second mark the accomplice comes in and immediately comes to an invisible wall of clear OC. He immediately turns around and leaves the way he came in, empty-handed.

At the fifteen second mark, the first thief that triggered the alarm drops what he has on the counter and bolts for the door. Also empty-handed.

In less than twenty seconds this crime was thwarted. That is less time than it takes for a monitoring company to respond, let alone get a response from the police or a security patrol.

Of course, we certainly don’t discourage the use of security cameras. It will allow you to capture great footage of The PEPPERALARM driving thieves away empty-handed, crying for their Mommas


Still Not Convinced? Here Are Ten Reasons Why You Need A PEPPERALARM

  1. Non Lethal. You want to protect your property and not defend yourself in court.
  2. Easy To Install. Two mounting screws allows you to install the PEPPERALARM anywhere in minutes.
  3. No Mess. When you use it with our recommended Guardian Clear OC spray.
  4. Affordable: More than $300 less than similar products made by our competitors.
  5. No Monthly Contracts. There is nothing else to buy. No monitoring fees.
  6. Panic Mode. Activates alarm and dispenses the irritant instantly during an armed robbery or home invasion.
  7. Enhances Current System. Can be installed alongside most security systems to make your current system more effective at deterring crime.
  8. Pair two or more. Multiple units can be paired together in order to cover and protect larger areas.
  9. Fast Delivery. We ship across the continental US daily with 3-day arrivals in most cases.
  10. Irritant Included. You get not one but two canisters of Guardian Clear OC shipped with your order. A fifty dollar value

18 in stock (can be backordered)