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To Be The Most Effective Burglar Alarm In Preventing Thieves From Stealing Or We Will Pay $1000 Towards Your Insurance Deductible


PEPPERALARM™ – It’s A Real Robber Stopper!


(Defending American Valuables Since 2007)


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          You Have Nothing To Lose With Our

$1000 Insurance Deductible Guarantee!

PEPPERALARM™  with Guardian clear vapor irritant.

The completely clear irritant vapor will fill a 1000 square foot home or business in less than five seconds so we don’t care how fast thieves think they are, they are not faster than five seconds.

If a thief breaks in and activates your burglar alarm system together with the PEPPERALARM and is able to stay inside long enough to steal your property, we will send $1000 directly to your insurance company. Now we would not be able to make a promise like that unless we were 100% confident that any thief foolish enough to break in, will not be able to handle the effects from the powerful irritant formula.

In the unlikely event that you would need to make a deductible claim with this guarantee, here are the steps you need to take. Just send us the following:

  1.   proof of ownership
  2.  a copy of the police report
  3.  your alarm monitoring station report
  4.  a copy of your insurance claim

Also, send the empty canister of *Guardian Clear Vapor Irritant   

To:   ROBBERSTOPPER International Inc., 539 East 5th Street, Neche, ND  58265         

Very simple and easy steps to take to claim your $1000 Deductible Guarantee in the unlikely event that thieves were able to make off with your valuables.

As mentioned earlier we would not make such a promise if we did not truly believe that no other burglar alarm system available today stops thieves from stealing like the PEPPERALARM™.

*Use of any other product besides the included Guardian Clear Vapor Irritant will void this guarantee.

*Deductible Guarantee covers property stolen and not property damaged by thieves attempting to break in.


What Are You Waiting For?

Most people will buy an alarm system for their home or office after they become a break and enter or smash and grab theft victim. If you are concerned about your safety and security, you owe it to yourself to order a PEPPERALARM™ today.