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Not Your Typical Burglar Alarm

PEPPERALARM™ is Like Having An Armed Guard Defending Your Valuables When You Are Not Around.

PEPPERALARM™ was developed as a commercial wireless alarm to DEFEND businesses (after hours). It can be easily installed in warehouses, garages, workshops, gun rooms/safes or virtually anywhere safety and security is deemed a high priority



Easy Installation



  • designed for INDOOR applications – FCC certification
  • built-in PIR motion detector
  • WARNING strobe lights
  • loud siren
  • concealed emergency shut off switch
  • adjustable ENTRY time delay / 90 second EXIT time delay
  • low battery indicator – 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • ARM/DISARM via remote key fob
  • automatic reset and panic mode (hold-up) capability
  • range of vapor emission to 1800 square feet
  • wireless, easy do-it-yourself installation – just a few minutes
  • compact and discreet – 5″W x 9 3/4″ L x 3″ D
  • easy load of canister and batteries without tools
  • accommodates various sizes of MK3 fliptop canisters*   
  • no contract to sign or monthly monitoring fee
  • world-wide patent pending

Inside view: spray canister plunger, 3  switch time delay settings, battery compartments

Note: It is recommended that the batteries be changed at least twice per year in the spring and fall to ensure readiness.

 Note: The MK3 canister flip top must have grip grooves located on both sides of the top (as shown in the picture).   This style of canister head is the ONLY style that will fit in the alarm device. 

Although the PEPPERALARM  unit will accommodate most canister brands we highly recommend  The Guardian Clear Vapor Irritant for indoor/interior applications.

The canister will completely empty upon activation. For example the 2 ounce canister will cover an area up to 1000 sq. ft. in just 5 seconds.  It doesn’t matter how FAST thieves think they are – they’re NOT FASTER THAN 5 SECONDS.

To see the benefit of a PEPPERALARM™ over that of a regular alarm system – watch the video below.


FACT:   Most businesses and residences already have a burglar alarm system in place.  But alarm and camera systems DO NOT STOP thieves from stealing.

FACT:   According to the latest FBI statistics, the average smash and grab robbery can take less than 40 seconds. This window of opportunity allows thieves enough time to STEAL whatever they want and are usually long gone before the local police or security can possibly arrive. 



We had another attempted looting at our store in April during the riots again in Minneapolis. While the thieves got inside since police were not able to respond for 3 hours, the pepper sprays worked great and it was able to stop the thieves from causing a lot more damage and theft of product.

David – Minneapolis

This unique wireless alarm device can be installed as either:

  • an upgrade to your existing burglar alarm system. Simply place the device alongside your alarm system and together they will provide an extra level of security protection, 
  • or as an independent stand alone wireless alarm system.

Either way PEPPERALARM™ will physically STOP thieves from stealing, IMMEDIATELY.

Recommended applications . . .  


Commercial Cargo Vans






Gun Rooms/Safes




Guest Houses


Storage Areas - Storage Sheds


Construction Trailers /Work site job boxes


Virtually anywhere safety and security is deemed a high priority



  •  One PEPPERALARM™ dispenser
  • Two 2 ounce canisters of The Guardian CLEAR vapor irritant
  • Two (2) mounting screws
  • Three (3) wireless arm/disarm key fobs
  • Written operating instructions
  • Three (3) exterior vinyl WARNING decals
Pepperalarm Favicon

Affordably Priced At Just $349.99


The above price includes a two ounce canister of The Guardian CLEAR VAPOR Irritant ( $25.00 value).
SHIPPING only within Continental USA

Endorsed By A Professor Of Law Enforcement

“Pepperalarm represents the next generation of alarm systems that not only alerts but takes immediate action. This is a game changer in the security field.”

“While a central station alarm alerts police to a burglary, it is unlikely the police will arrive in time to intervene. This affordable wireless alarm will automatically take action to stop a burglary before significant loss with no damage to the premises.”

“When law enforcement can’t get to your business or home in time to stop a burglar in their tracks, the PepperAlarm device can and will!”

“When activated by intruders, the device automatically blasts a completely clear, non-lethal vapor irritant into the air of the protected area. This potent, clear formula does not leave any mess, but it will physically force the would-be thieves to flee immediately, empty-handed.”

“This user-friendly wireless alarm can be installed in minutes, is easy to use, and secures your premises from burglars. This is an effective adjunct to any security system”

“I highly recommend this unique product, as I am a very satisfied customer”


Dr. David Fruchtman
Professor of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration
Licensed Private Investigator / Forensic Specialist

 we had another attempted looting at our store in April during the riots again in Minneapolis.  While the thieves got inside since police were not able to respond for 3 hours, the pepper sprays worked great and it was able to stop the thieves from causing a lot more damage and theft of product..” David, Minneapolis

“My valued possessions are now completely safe and secure.” CHARLIE, Las Vegas

“I installed my PEPPERALARM device in about 15 minutes.” SARA, Austin TX

“I wish that I had known about it BEFORE I was broken into.” BEN, Salt Lake City

“I really like the neat concept and I want to become a dealer.” TERRY, Tulsa, OK

“What a fantastic product.” SUSAN, St. Louis, MO

“I can think of a number of places that the PEPPERALARM device could be used effectively.” JEEP GUNNER – SEE the SHOT SHOW video 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

Most people will buy an alarm system for their home or office after they become a break and enter or smash and grab theft victim. If you are concerned about your safety and security, you owe it to yourself to order a PEPPERALARM  today.