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This is a Special One Time Offer For New PEPPERALARM Customers Only


Before you go, here is a one time special offer to get the added protection of a second PEPPERALARM for an additional 25% off saving you a total of $142.50 off the suggested retail price

The reason for this offer is simple. We want to get this product into the hands of as many Americans as possible to protect their homes and business from breakin and theft. By giving you a good deal on a second PepperAlarm it is our hope we can entice you in helping us reach our goal.

Expiring soon


Amazing Features

Nothing Stops A Thief From Stealing Like A PepperAlarm

15 minute install

Two mounting screws secure it to the wall.

Clear Product

Designed for close quarter indoor use to drive out thieves and minimize cleanup

Use It Anywhere

Set it up for your second entrance, your garage, shop, barn, cabin, tool shed, anywhere you want to stop thieves from stealing.

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"I wish that I had known about it BEFORE I was broken into." BEN, Salt Lake City

Fast Delivery

Next Day Shipping.


The Guardian Clear OC Irritant is miltary grade and used by our military and police forces

Product Quality

If it ever breaks, even if it is your fault we will replace it free.

quality you can trust

Product details

This unique wireless alarm device can be installed in the following manner:

  1. As an upgrade to your existing burglar alarm system. Simply combine the device alongside your alarm system and together they will provide AN EXTRA LEVEL OF SECURITY PROTECTION.
  2. As an independent STAND ALONE wireless alarm system.

Either way PEPPERALARM™ will physically STOP thieves from stealing, IMMEDIATELY.

Although this commercial wireless alarm was originally developed to physically DEFEND businesses (after hours) it can also be easily installed in under 15 minutes in the following…

  • Homes
  • Cabins
  • Rvs/Trailers
  • Gun Rooms and Safes
  • Back of service vehicles to protect your tools
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Storage Areas
  • Construction Trailers/Job Boxes
  • Virtually anywhere safety and security is deemed a high priority


Trust us, you’ll love the PepperAlarm. We’ll even ship this in the same package for free.